Saturday, August 27, 2011


Ada by E. Magee
Ada, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

Ada is all set for Ballet. She and her friends are headed to The Vision Dance Center tomorrow. Hope to see you there!


Mya by E. Magee
Mya, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

Mya loves flowers--especially roses!


Gabriella, the ballerina by E. Magee
Gabriella, the ballerina, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

Gabriella loves pink! She has a tutu to match her friend Amelie.

Imogene, the ballerina

Imogene, the ballerina by E. Magee
Imogene, the ballerina, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

Blonde hair, blue tutu, matching leotard, and brown ballet slippers! She's ready to go!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amelie the ballerina

Amelie the ballerina by E. Magee
Amelie the ballerina, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

Today I put the finishing touches on a ballerina doll! Her name is Amelie, and she will soon have more little ballerina friends. The dancer dolls will be headed to the Fall Registration at The Vision Dance Center on Sunday, August 28th, where I hope to sell them to a few good homes!

Amelie, la petite ballerine


I have to say that I think that Amelie is my best work yet! Plus, her little ballet slippers crack me up!
Ballet slippers

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Pearl by E. Magee
Pearl, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

A new Mergirl, named Pearl! Does the tulle work as an abstract clamshell? I hope so!


Aqua by E. Magee
Aqua, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

The newest Mergirl. I love her!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The shop is updated!

Craft E Magee booth by E. Magee
Craft E Magee booth, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

Head out to the Unique Creations Crafts & Gifts Shop to check out the new items in my booth! There are lots of new piggy banks and some Mergirls.

Craft E Magee booth

The Mergirls are mermaid dolls, and their names are Coral, Opal, and Marina.

Coral the Mergirl

Opal the Mergirl

Marina the Mergirl

Friday, August 5, 2011

Shop Update

I'm planning on updating my booth at Unique Creations some time tomorrow. I have several piggy banks and a couple of dolls ready to go. Here are some of my newest creations.

"Some Like It Hog" a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Pigley
Elvis Pigley

Monocle Man
Lord Porkington

Hoggy Potter
Hoggy Potter

Albert Swinestein
Albert Swinestein

That's not all, but I haven't taken photos of everything yet, so more pictures to follow!

Sneak Peek

Some Like It Hog by E. Magee
Some Like It Hog, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

Here's a little preview of what I have been working on lately for my booth at Unique Creations. Can you guess who she is?

Monday, August 1, 2011

The little man is 4!

Birthday boy by E. Magee
Birthday boy, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.
Saturday was my nephew's 4th birthday party. We planned and purchased and primped to make the day special for him, and I think it all paid off. His Grammy asked what he got for his birthday, and he responded, "Everything." We love you little man! I hope that you always feel like we give you everything, because you mean everything to us!

Party table

Party time