Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Colorado Trip, Part 1

My Mom and I recently got back from a vacation in Colorado. We went a few years ago, but it was nice to go back for another visit. We spent most of our time in Castle Rock, which is a city south of Denver. While in Castle Rock, we visited my mom's sister, and had a lot of fun. The weather was spectacular and I was able to get so many good photos.

We also traveled to Denver to visit the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens. If you don't know Chihuly, he is the famous glass sculpture artist who created the beautiful glass ceiling of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. In Denver, the sculptures added to the already charming gardens. I don't even know if there is that much more to say. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves.

Chihuly's sculptures were so colorful and the construction for each piece was amazing. If you can get to the Denver area, I highly recommend visiting this exhibit before it closes in November. I heard from locals that they also light up the sculptures in the evenings and I bet that would've been just as beautiful!

It was nice to take a trip away after the difficult year that we have had. The beautiful art and landscapes that we saw were so restorative and it was nice to have some healing quiet time. We didn't have to work, or do housework, or do anything that we didn't want to do! It was fantastic and I am so glad that I got to spend the time with my mom.