Friday, January 22, 2016

New year, new post!

Hello from the other side!!! I feel like I should queue up Adele's song "Hello" right now...

I was so excited on my last post (July 2015) about planning our wedding and all the potential craft projects I could share along the way, and here it is January 2016 and our wedding has come and gone! We were married in December 2015.

I even found a draft blog post I started in September with our save the date. Oops!!!

Happily, it was a beautiful day filled with so many wonderful people. Even my friend Julee from DIY Louisville was there, playing a big part in our special day as our official reception planner and decorator. She killed it with our book-themed wedding. I promise to post photos of the fabulous decor soon! For now, here are some newlywed shots.