Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby Shower planning

Tomorrow is my cousin-in-law's baby shower! I am very excited to be hosting the party with my Aunts. I love planning parties and enjoy coming up with a theme to tie everything together. To go along with the invitation for the baby shower, I decided to sketch out a theme for the party. I liked the idea of orange cars and chevrons in blue and white, with yellow as an accent color. The baby's first name will begin with a "W," so I liked that the chevrons were like the letter "w" strung together in a repeating pattern.
Theme for Baby Shower

I assumed that it would be simple to find some chevron printed fabric to use as a tablecloth for the dessert table. I liked the idea of using tissue paper decorations in blue and orange, and having the table decked out with striped paper straws for the sodas, a tiered cake, candy jars, and some cake pops.
Baby Shower Sketch 1.0

After being unable to find the fabric in the color that I wanted, I ended up buying some great race car fabric online. The fabric brings in 2 other primary colors: red and green. I am still sticking with mostly blue, orange, and yellow, but I love how this fabric will make tomorrow's party theme really mesh.
Baby Shower Sketch 2.0

I plan to have cake pops made to look like baby rattles, pretzel sticks with candy melt cars molded onto them, a sheet cake with orange cars, candy jars filled with colorful treats, chevron candy bags, blue and orange paper straws with either milk or soda, and more!

Stay tuned for the after photos, when all of the planning comes together!

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