Monday, December 10, 2012

Glitter Snowman Ornament Tutorial


It's the season for Winter crafts! Over the weekend, Julee from D.I.Y. Louisville and I worked on this fun craft where you make glitter glass ornaments with floor cleaner finishing liquid! It's so easy and fun. This craft is great for kids and kids at heart. I mean, who doesn't love glitter?!!

I am going to show you how to make this ornament, and then how to turn it into a cute snowperson!

For the Glitter ornament, you will need:
Glass Ornament bulb(s)
Glitter (white for the snowperson, although I demonstrate with red)
Floor cleaner finishing liquid for tile and vinyl floors


First you need to coat the clear glass bulb with the floor cleaner. Remove the cap from the bottle of floor finish and remove the metal hanger from the glass ornament. Pour a little of the liquid into the bulb.

Swirl the liquid around in the bulb, coating all sides of the glass. Then dump the excess liquid back into the bottle.


Next, pour a generous amount of glitter into the ornament.



You can swirl the glitter around the inside, or just cover the opening with your thumb (use a paper towel between your thumb and the ornament to prevent a glittered thumb) and shake, shake, shake!


Whether your swirl or shake, be sure the glitter coats the glass bulb. Re-insert the metal ornament hanger.


This makes a very pretty ornament by itself, but I like to give my ornaments some personality.


Take your white glitter ornament and gather some other supplies:
Paint pens (or permanent markers) in orange and black
A baby (or kid-size) sock
Glue (I prefer hot, glue)

Cut the sock in half at the heel mark.


Pull the sock down over the glass ornament about mid-way. Secure with hot glue.


Tie a piece of ribbon around the top of the hat (around the metal ornament hanger).


Add the carrot nose...


...and coal eyes and mouth...


...and you've got the cutest snowperson ornament around!

Add some ribbon to the ornament hanger and place on your tree. Admire your handy work, or wrap it up and gift it to someone else. They will be sure to admire your cute creation!


See that Santa belly ornament peaking out in that photo? Julee shows you how to make that, and some other fun ornaments over at D.I.Y. Louisville!


Anonymous said...

Where can I find the Pledge floor cleaner? Gotta make some of these cuties!

Craft E Magee said...

Hello! You can find this floor finish in the mopping section at the store. I found this bottle at Walmart. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Kristen said...

These are so much fun! I never would have thought to use the floor cleaner as an adhesive!