Monday, April 8, 2013

Pink and Gray Girl's Baby Shower

I have had the opportunity to throw a few parties in my time, including some of my nephew's birthday parties and a fun boy's baby shower last year. Boy parties are great, but when I was able to throw a little girl's baby shower recently, I went pretty & pink crazy!
Baby Girl invite
My cousin is expecting her first child, and since she is decorating her little one's nursery in pink and gray, I chose those colors as the theme for the party, adding chevrons and elephants to go with the color scheme.
We had a lot of fun with pink polish as party favors, a headband crafting station, and a note-writing table to create a scrapbook for the parents to-be.

Of course, I had to decorate the party with some maternity photos that I took of my cousin and her husband. I put somed framed photos on tables around the party, but I also hung some on ribbon with sparkly pink clothespins.

 It was a fun time and I enjoyed getting to use all the pink!


Steve Finnell said...

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Judy said...

Love everything you created for this baby shower. Thanks for following my blog. I'm now following your blog.

Eclectic Red Barn said...

What a lovely baby shower. You did a fabulous job.
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