Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Look: Crafty Chloe

One of the things I have noticed, which I think is pretty cool, is a new wave of kid's books involved crafts, art, and making stuff. As a kid, I loved being crafty and I loved to read. Of course I always checked out craft instruction books, but craft story books would've been fun too!


That's why I like "Crafty Chloe." I discovered this book on a recent library trip. My nephew is learning to read, so I thought this would be a fun book. Turns out that I really like it too!


The book follows Chloe, a crafty girl hoping to make a birthday present for her best friend. I love the illustrations, which are by Heather Ross, an amazing fabric designer. The book is written by Kelly DiPucchio, who coincidentally wrote one of my nephew's favorite books: "Zombie in Love."


We were also excited to learn that this book will be a series and another Crafty Chloe book is due out this August. How exciting!


Are there any books you or your kiddos are really into lately? I will share some of my own reads later. In the meantime, my nephew and I recommend this read!

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