Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Table for Kids

There is an abundance of ideas for fancy Thanksgiving table settings. Just browse the magazine aisle or pinterest and you will see what I'm talking about. I love the use of golds, plums, and oranges in so many of the tablescapes with nice linens and sumptuous feathers or flowers. They are so pretty, but they are not really for me. Inevitably when I set a fancy table, someone spills something and it makes a mess, so I set out to make a kid friendly table for Thanksgiving. 

The best part about this table? You can draw on it because the tablecloth is actually paper!  
Easy? You bet!
Fun? Absolutely!
Spills? Who cares!

Whether you set this table for kids or kids at heart, it's sure to please. Start by covering your table with a roll of brown kraft paper.

Find some crayons, or these cool stick colored pencils, and put them around the table. These orange ramekins were only $0.99 a piece and fit in with the Thanksgiving theme perfectly. 

Kids, and maybe some adults, would love being able to draw on the table! It's a great way to keep the little ones entertained before dinner.

 Because I was going for practical, I used paper plates on this kid-friendly table. It's also a great idea to use cups with lids and straws!

 I love the paper straws that I found because they have a birch tree pattern.


What else makes for a fun kids' table? Mini pumpkin pies!

Place cards could be as simple as writing each child's name on the table, but I enjoyed creating cute takeaways with letter stickers. I used feathers to add another natural element to the table.

Another idea I came up with was to add popcorn to the table. It's a fun snack and is a modern spin on a classic element of Thanksgiving--corn!

I hope that you are inspired by this kid-friendly table for your Turkey Day celebrations! Julee at D.I.Y. Louisville created a Thankful tree that would be perfect on this table! What are your plans this year?

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