Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Heart-shaped Candy Pocket for Valentine's Day

We are still enduring a cold and dreary Winter around here, so I was happy to pull out the colorful felt fabric for my next project for WDRB in the Morning. I think you will enjoy this craft tutorial for an easy heart-shaped treat pocket. This project is so quick to make and is a fun gift for Valentine's Day! Fill the hearts with candy, stickers, love notes, or other treats for your Valentine!

 For this project you will need:
Felt to cut 3 heart shapes
Needle and thread

Begin by cutting out 3 heart shapes from the felt. 

Leave the first heart whole. Cut the second heart close to the top, keeping only the bottom half. Cut the third heart near the middle, keeping only the top half.

The first heart is the base layer. The second heart that was cut (looks like an upside down triangle) will form the inside pocket, so it will be sandwiched in between. The third heart that was cut (the heart top) will go on last to form the top part of the pocket.

Sew completely around the edges of the heart, sandwiching all 3 pieces together.

Now you have a heart-shaped pocket to fill with candies or other goodies for Valentine's Day! I love how quick this project is. You could make dozens of them in one sitting!

Use any felt colors that you have on hand. The more colorful the better, to chase away those Winter weather blues! These handmade gifts are sure to make your Valentine smile.

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