Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Themed Baby Shower

I don't think it's any secret that I like to plan parties. Parties must appeal to my creative side. I just love to pick a theme and plan the party around it. That's why I was happy about planning a Valentine's Day themed baby shower for my cousin "T" who is having a baby girl.

All it takes is one element for me to spark ideas for an entire theme. In this case, it was the heart tablecloth above from Target in pink, red, and yellow. Since the baby shower is in February, I decided to sketch out some plans for a Valentine party theme.

Similar to the guest book messages from this baby shower, I want to have a mailbox for love letters, or notes with well wishes for mom and baby. This is a cute way to entertain guests at the party and make mom feel special. The mailbox also goes great with the Valentine theme.

I found some other cute elements on my trip to Target including the packs of heart straws, pink serving trays, and some adorable pink and yellow attired dollies. Pulled all together, these items compliment the color scheme I was going for.

I mean, really! How cute are these dolls?!! The bonus with using baby toys as a centerpiece is that they double as gifts for the little one on the way!

I have been known to have milk and straws on the snack table at my parties, but this time I wanted to go with something fruity. Instead of juice, I decided on flavored water. It doesn't hurt that the water is pink! The heart straws look adorable with the water bottles!

The snack table also includes Conversation heart candies, white cheddar popcorn, Valentine's Day M&Ms, and cupcakes with strawberry whipped topping (courtesy of the grocery store)!

It really doesn't take much to make a great tablescape for a Valentine's Day baby shower! 

Just remember when planning any party to pick a theme and a color scheme, and this will guide your choices. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help. I may do the fun stuff for these parties, but lots of my family members chip in with the "real food" and usually supply the location. 

Many of these baby shower ideas would work for a Valentine's Day party too! Be sure to pin this post to reference for next year. Happy Valentine's Day!