Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Scalloped Spring Buckets

The weather may not agree, but in my mind it is time for Spring! Bring a little cheer to your desk or home with these easy painted buckets. Use alternating colors for the scalloped design. This craft is also kid-friendly!

For this project you will need:
Papier mâché bucket
Bright colored acrylic paint (like pink, yellow, or blue) and white acrylic paint
Round foam brush
Rectangle foam brush
Paper plate

Mix your paint color with a few drops of white paint to make a lighter color for the base of the bucket. A paper plate makes a good mixing palette. Paint the outside of the bucket and the handle with this lighter paint color.
After the initial coat of paint dries, touch up any necessary spots.
Allow the bucket to dry again. Then use your darker paint color to create the scalloped edge. To do this, use a round foam brush and blot polka dots next to each other around the top of the bucket. Fill in any gaps with the paint and also paint the inside of the bucket this color.

Allow the bucket to dry and then add some fun candy or colorful flowers inside. I made some cute flowers out of pipe cleaners to go inside the buckets. I was thinking of lavender and daffodils!

I hope that you enjoy this easy Spring craft. It also works for Easter!

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