Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Crafternoon

February crafternoon was held right before we got all the snow in Louisville. Good thing, or it would have been a very lonely party! I decided that our project would be to decorate cardboard boxes with decoupage. It was very easy, and didn't require me to buy a bunch of supplies. I already had a lot of paper, stickers, and glue, and just needed to get some cardboard boxes.

My nephew, the expert in multi-tasking, selected his box while doing research on his iphone. Haha!

This kid cracks me up.

To make the decoupage boxes, simply brush glue onto the paper box with a sponge brush, apply strips of paper, and brush on more glue over the paper. My favorite glue to use is Mod Podge because it's so easy to dip a brush in the container and the glue is the perfect consistency for this project. Continue to add stickers or decorative elements onto your box until satisfied. Give the box one final coat of glue and allow to dry. Remember not to place the lid on the box until both sides have dried! Otherwise your lid will be glued to the box.

We used scrapbook stickers, stamps, and different papers on our boxes. Use what you have. Trust me, I know a little something about a supply stash! This was a great project and I think that everyone was pleased with their finished boxes! Some people even made two of them!

One of my favorite things about hosting these crafternoon parties, besides having a good time with family and friends, is seeing how different the finished results can be! With the sames supplies, my friends and family members make totally different designs. It's amazing! Here are some photos of the finished boxes:

Now it's time to get planning for March crafternoon!

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Kristen said...

I saw your boxes on Instagram and thought they were awesome! It looks like a fun and easy project.