Friday, October 5, 2018

Three Simple Ways to Decorate Your Mantel

Mantel decorating (or in my case, shelf decorating) can be a lot of fun, especially if you use the seasons to switch it up and bring some fun and personality to your living space. Today I thought I would share photos of the same shelf, decorated three ways. I hope it helps to spark your own creative juices for decorating your space. One of the looks could work year-round, while the other two are timely for Autumn. (If you're curious about where I got any of the items on my shelf, just leave me a comment about it and I'll let you know!)

Mantelscape #1 - Books and Heirlooms

I love books. My husband loves books and writes books. Even our wedding reception involved books. It's safe to say, books are big in our house. I decided to grab some of our favorite books and some with the prettiest covers to create the first look. By centering our beloved books on the shelf and pairing the display with family heirlooms like my grandpa's camera and grandma's iron (used as a book end), I've added sentimentality to the look that is personal for us. I love playing with levels and height, and will swap things in and out until it feels "right." The candles and plants add some symmetry to complete the look.

Mantelscape # 2 - Fall Harvest

The second look reminds me of the Fall Harvest. The center pumpkin is propped on a bundt cake pan (another family item from my grandma). I've used the same candles from look #1 but also added a battery-powered white pillar this time. The "Happy Fall" chalkboard sign was a steal for $5 at Target. The other sign is made of tin to look like copper. I've used placemats with sunflowers and pumpkins on each side of the shelf. The plush pumpkins and sprig of faux lamb's ear add some lushness to the simple decor.


Mantelscape # 3 - Vintage Halloween

I just love Halloween! I've noticed over the years that I have a particular affinity for vintage and/or vintage-looking Halloween decorations. For festive decor this year I decided to pair some of my favorite vintage decorations for a spooky shelf in the best Halloween colors: orange and black! The cat and pumpkin wreath in the middle acts as "anchor," while the lantern and broomstick add some height on each side. Fun pieces are placed in between including two vintage ceramic ghosts and a pumpkin tealight holder.


I hope you've enjoyed this post on three simple ways to decorate your shelf/mantel. It makes me so happy to play around with the different decor items until I get a look that is just right for the season. Happy decorating!

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