Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Cardboard Spring decor

Nothing can take the place of spending time with family and friends, but due to COVID19 a lot of us aren't able to be together. That's hard, especially if you are celebrating Spring holidays. Crafting is my go-to thing whenever I'm celebrating a holiday or whenever I'm struggling with hardship. Since I'm currently experiencing both, I thought I'd take some time to share this project with you.

Before the pandemic, I was lucky to get together with my friends Julee and Patty to make some Spring decor. We used corrugated cardboard to make different Spring shapes. I chose to make a bunny and an egg. They are super cute, lightweight decorations. I decided to display mine on my mantel with some Spring flowers. 

Now I'll show you how you can make them, too.

For supplies, all you need is glue, a foam brush to apply the glue, and strips of corrugated cardboard (if you don't have any corrugated cardboard, think creatively--using cardboard packing material, or strips of paper or posterboard).

Beginner cardboard shape: Egg

The egg shape is the easiest to make with the cardboard. 

1. Begin to roll the cardboard in a circle (corrugated/bumpy side facing out). 

2. If you need to tighten your circle, place your thumb on the center of the circle and use your other hand to pull the cardboard tighter. 

3. Make the circle as small or as large as you like.

4. Once your circle shape is complete, squeeze one side to create the pointy end of your egg.

5. Glue the loose end of cardboard to the egg.

6. Coat the rest of the layers of the egg with the glue. Let side dry and repeat on opposite side.

Advanced cardboard shape: Bunny

The bunny shape is a little more intricate to make, so if crafting with kids, they'll probably need some assistance.

1. Using shorter strips of cardboard, make an oval for the head and a longer oval for the ears. Glue the ends of the cardboard strips to the shapes.

2. To attach the ears to the head, use another strip of cardboard to wrap around the pieces.

3. One layer might be enough, but if it's not...

4. ...wrap a second layer of this strip around the head and ears.

5. Secure the end of the strip with glue. Coat one side of the head with glue and hold the shape you want in place for a few minutes. The glue dries pretty quickly since you're working with cardboard/paper. Repeat coating of glue on opposite side of head.

6. To make the bunny body, roll strips of cardboard into circles or ovals. The number is up to you. Secure ends of strips with glue.

7. To keep the circles together for the body, wrap another strip of cardboard around them all.

8. Play with the shape to give it the look you like.

9. Coat both sides of the body shape with glue.

10. Attach the head to the body with the glue and hold in place until secure. Coat both sides with glue. 

As you can see the backside of my bunny stuck to the paper because of the glue, but that's okay because the front side looks fine!

You don't have to stick with eggs and bunnies. You could try chicks or flowers or anything for Spring! It's a fun and easy project to make and hopefully you already have some supplies on hand to make this.

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