Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Printables!

Happy Heart Day

One of my favorite things about the wide wonderful internet is the prevalence of printable cards, tags, posters, and other goodies-- especially for Holidays! Valentine's Day is no exception. I know that a lot of people dislike Valentine's Day, saying it's staged or created by card companies... but I think any day to celebrate and recognize the people you love is a wonderful day. Instead of gifts, try one of these printables to bring a little fun to the ones you love!

D.I.Y. Louisville has a great Valentine bingo game and some cute kawaii cards to share.

Love garlands

I loved the printables from My Paper Crane's etsy shop so much that I made a garland out of them to bring a little cheer to my office at work. Festive, huh?

I also made some little Valentine's Day cards last year that I think are fun. Feel free to print and share.

Happy Heart Day!

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