Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Walking Dead

Being that Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore both have connections to Kentucky, my boyfriend got hooked on "The Walking Dead" comics early on. Now that the series has become a hit show on AMC, he has me hooked as well! We are both excited for the return of season 2 tonight at 9:00PM EST! So, I thought tonight would be the perfect time to surprise J with a present, both for Valentine's Day and in celebration of tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead."

Meet Mr. Walker. He has been a member of the undead for 2 days now.
zombie stare

He enjoys long walks in the park and eating organs, especially hearts.
nom nom

zombie doll

Don't let his little smile and calm expression fool you. Like most of his kind, he is ferocious!
the dead walking

If you are a fan of the show, enjoy tonight's episode! And if not, maybe it's time for you to check it out!

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