Thursday, May 22, 2014

Simple and Sweet Treat Bags

At the Mother's Day brunch we had recently, I made simple goody bags for guests using just tissue paper and cellophane bags. These are the easiest goody bags to make, and are easily customized for any party theme!

All you need is some tissue paper that matches your color or pattern party theme, clear cellophane bags, and string or twist ties.

Fold the goody bag items in the middle of the tissue paper leaving the top part open. It is easiest to follow the folds already creased into the tissue paper.

Next place the folded tissue paper with treats into the cellophane bag (open end up). Close the top of the goody bag with a twist tie, string, or yarn. Finish with a nice bow and you are all set!

Whether it's for a kid's birthday party, a Holiday, or special occasion, these simple bags are perfect for guests. These goody bags can be filled with candy and stickers for kids, or stocked with fun items for adults, like the shaving lotion and shampoo that I included here.

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