Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Celebrating Mom

Last Sunday my sister-in-law and I hosted a brunch to celebrate Mom... well, four Moms to be exact. I focused on decorating with lots of flowers while my sister-in-law made some very tasty breakfast treats. There was hashbrown casserole, fruit salad, coffee cake, and an egg bake.

As a fun bonus, I made up treat bags for all the guests. The guys got pouches with chocolate kisses, while the ladies got goody bags with some nice lotion inside. The goody bags had tags with the guests' names on them, so they doubled as seating cards.

I also recycled some cardboard from one of our moving boxes to make this easy Mother's Day sign. After cutting out a ribbon shape from the cardboard, I decorated the sign with some white paint and fake daisy flowers.

My mom is my best friend, so it was great to take the day to celebrate her! Overall it was a relaxed brunch for our family, which is the perfect kind of get-together. There was the added bonus that the moms in the bunch didn't lift a finger! I hope they enjoyed the off time for once.

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