Monday, February 18, 2013

Make Your Own Beaded Earrings

This next project is a lot of fun, for not a lot of money. You only need a few supplies and can make as many earrings as your heart desires. They make the perfect presents and are fun to do with the girls! My mom and I had a blast making these.

To make the beaded earrings, you will need:
Beads (Glass beads are very pretty)
Thin jewelry wire (I used 24 and 26 Gage wires)
Earring hooks
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers


First, select two identical sets of beads for your earrings, so that they match.


Next clip 2 pieces of a few inches of wire (one for each earring).


Now comes the fun part, the earring assembly!
1. Slide your selected bottom bead onto the wire.
2. Slide the next bead onto the wire.
3. Slide the earring hook onto the wire.
4. Bend the right side of the wire down.
5. Bring the right side of the wire back through the beads.
6. Twist or coil the wire at the bottom on the beads (tightening to hold the beads in place).
7. Make sure the coil looks attractive and is durable. I usually coil one side of the wire all the way around the bottom and leave the other side hanging.
8. Clip off the excess wire.
9. Make the matching earring and your finished!


The beads really make the earrings, so be sure to pick beads that you love! We got a whole jar of these beads for $15 and have made over 30 pairs, and still have tons of beads leftover!
They make excellent gifts, so remember this craft for the holidays!



Carolyn said...

Those are so pretty!

Craft E Magee said...

Thanks, Carolyn! I am giving them away at DIY Louisville this month and you can enter to win them! :)