Monday, February 4, 2013

Mardi Gras & Valentine's Day Boutineers!


Need a little splash for your outfit during the February Holidays? This year Mardi Gras falls 2 days before Valentine's Day, so this is a crafty two-fer! Make these crafty boutineers to wear and you're set for Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day!  

Use up some remnant supplies like ribbon, lace, scrap fabric, trims, and baubles to make the Valentine's Day pin. You will also need some pinbacks, felt, needle, thread, and hot glue.


To sew the ruffle base of the Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day pins, cut a piece of fabric that is 12 inches long by 5 inches wide. It doesn't have to be exact. Fold the fabric long-ways, right sides (patterned sides) facing each other. Sew along the side of the fabric to create a tube shape.
Turn the fabric right side out. Thread a needle and knot the end. Sew a loose running stitch (I used black thread for contrast) along the machine sewn edge of the fabric tube. Pull the thread to bunch the fabric and create a ruffle. Tie the ends of the thread together and stitch up the unfinished edge to create a circle.


Flip the ruffle over and add ribbon, lace, and baubles with hot glue. I used painted wooden hearts for the Valentine bountineer. Glue a pinback to a felt circle and then attach this to the back of your pin with hot glue to finish your boutineer!


For the Mardi Gras boutineer, of course I had to use beads, but I also added some tulle and some bells for fun!

Start with the ruffle circle for the Mardi Gras boutineer. Hot glue the tulle and beads and bells to the ruffle. I also added a handmade bow with some bright green ribbon. I topped the bow with a purple glitter button. Remember to add the felt circle and pinback to the bountineer and it's ready to wear!


I hope you enjoy these fabulous accessories for Mardis Gras and Valentine's Day!

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