Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Make It: Stamp Note cards

I've really been into making cards lately. First I made some cards at the DIY Louisville craft night, then I made the graduation cards, and now these fun stamp note cards! Maybe it is old-fashioned, but I still believe in the power of the written note, and I love collecting stamps, so this craft project unites those two things!


You only need 3 supplies for this craft: glue, blank cards, and stamps!

I decided to color coordinate my cards by using stamps with similar colors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to stamps. If you are not a big stamp collector like me, you can find lots of stamps online for cheap. 

Decide your stamp placements first, and then secure them to the note card with glue.


You can go for a random, luggage stamp look, or you can have a more orderly design in rows. I had a wonderful collection of stamps to choose from including stamps from Hungary, England, Spain, Czech Republic, India, and more!


I think that these note cards would be fun to send through the mail (stamps! mail! haha!) or to bundle up and give as a gift. I'd love to see what you create. Tag "Craft E Magee" in photos on social media like facebook or with the twitter handle @craftemagee!


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