Friday, August 16, 2013

Caidence the Doll

Meet Caidence!

She is the latest of my handmade dolls, and a custom order for a special little girl on her birthday. I was really excited about using this hot air balloon fabric for her outfit. I had been saving it for a Kentucky Derby Festival craft for next year in honor of the balloon race, but I am glad that I had a chance to use it sooner. 

I also used some adorable polka dots fabrics in yellow and pink for her sleeves and leggings! Who doesn't like polka dotted leggings, right?!! Caidence the doll has hair made from a fun wool yarn that has a neat twisted texture to it. I also had to add a homemade bow to her hair, and add some lace fringe to her sleeves and skirt. 

She already went home to her new owner, and the family shared some sweet photos with me of the birthday girl kissing her new doll! It made me so happy to see. Sharing my crafty talents is the best part about this hobby. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside, which must be what it feels like to be a stuffed dolly! :)




I really enjoy making handmade dolls, although I have less time for it these days. Dolls were once the major focus of this blog, but I am glad that I have branched out into other craft projects and tutorials. It is nice to be able to share a new doll face every now and then, so I hope that you enjoyed meeting her.

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