Monday, August 19, 2013

Kentucky State Fair 2013

Earlier this year I was invited to be a judge at the Kentucky State Fair. Of course I was excited to accept! Last week it was finally time to flex my judging skills and it was a really neat experience. The staff and volunteers in the textiles section, where I was judging, were so welcoming and helpful, and really took me under their wing as a first-time judge.

I was fortunate to be able to see some really incredible handiwork by different crafters and artists from around the state. It was a blind judging, so I did not have any information about the artists while judging, except on the juniors section. The juniors section was full of crafts made by people under the age of 17. These were my absolute favorite! It was so invigorating to see young people (as young as 6 years old!) participating in the State Fair and a lot of the projects were really good. It was really fun to see.

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This weekend, I was able to go with my nephew as a visitor to the Kentucky State Fair. We always enjoy looking at the different booths, and creations, but this year we also enjoyed some of the special events. One of those things was the Michaels Craft Tour truck, which was really cool. The semi truck trailer was set up like a workshop inside, with tables and chairs and all the supplies you could think of to make 2 craft projects. One was a decoupage tile locker decoration craft and the other was a fun pencil topper for back to school.



My nephew really enjoyed using the modeling clay they provided, along with feathers, pipe cleaners, and some googly eyes to make his pencil topper. 



Michaels even had some fun photo props on hand for people to use. My nephew and I got into character as Craftboy and Craftwoman, which made us laugh.


The best part about the Michaels Craft tour truck was seeing the different people of all ages coming together to craft. Plus, Michaels provided all the crafts for free! 


The other thing we really enjoyed at the Fair this weekend was the BMX performance. We saw some really awesome extreme tricks by the team and we were so impressed. My nephew was especially excited to see the show.





My nephew made sure to get in line for an autograph afterwards and was pumped to meet such talented bicycle motocross athletes!


It was definitely an action-packed day. We saw a lot of cool stuff, participated in some fun activities, and wore ourselves out in the sun! We always have a great time at the Kentucky State Fair.

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~julee~ said...

Looks like a great time! I'm so bummed I had to miss the Michael's Craft Tour. C looks super adorable in that photo prop!