Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zip Zip pouch tutorial

Now that school is in session it's a good time to do some back to school crafting. Last time on WDRB in the Morning, I made a back to school book bag, and now I have created this project tutorial for a Zip Zip pouch! Why have I dubbed it a Zip Zip pouch? Well, because it's a zipper pouch made completely out of zippers! The fun thing about it is being able to open any zipper on the pouch to put pencils and supplies inside! 

Zipper pouch tutorial by Craft E Magee

To create this pouch you will need 10-12 zippers that are long enough to hold your pencils or supplies. The more zippers you have, the taller the pouch will be. Just be sure to choose an even number of zippers so that the front and back sides of the pouch will be the same size.


Take the first two zippers and sew them together on one side. You can hand stitch or machine sew. If you stitch by hand, a simple whip stitch will do. If you sew by machine, be sure to use your zipper foot to make the task easier.

Zipper pouch step 1

Once you have sewn these 2 zippers together, continue to add the next 10 zippers. You can have all the zippers facing/running the same way, or you can have them alternating. It is really up to you.

Once you have your sheet of zippers, unzip one in the middle, since this is how you will turn it right side out later. Sew the first and last zipper together to create a "tube." 

Zipper pouch step 2

Finish the pouch by sewing both open ends of the "tube" closed. You may want to sew over the ends a few times for secure edges. You should have an opening where the zipper was undone. Use this opening to turn the pouch right side out.

Zipper pouch step 3

Here is the pouch being turned right side out. Poke your fingers in the corners to smooth out the pouch.

zipper pouch made of zippers

Now the pouch is complete! You can open any zipper, which is a lot of fun. Remember, there is no wrong way to do this, and alternating zippers would be just as fun!

Zip pouch made of zippers by Craft E Magee

Use your pouch for pens, pencils, markers, or any supplies for school! 

Zipper Pouch by Craft E Magee

I hope that you enjoyed this fun back to school project. Zip Zip pouches are the best!

Zipper Pouch Tutorial

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