Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Father's Day Gift: Wood-burned Box

Can you believe that it is June already and Father's Day is coming up? As you've probably noticed, I love to mark special occasions with a handmade gift (like for Mother's Day), but I do find it somewhat harder to make gifts for the guys in my life. 

This time, I've come up with an excellent idea, and enlisted my nephew's help to make this wood-burned box for Father's Day!


You only need a few supplies to make this project:
Woodburner (around $15 at any craft or hobby store)
Plain wood box
Sponge brush
Wood stain and varnish


The great thing about this project is that you can save your child's artwork by letting them draw a picture on the box, and then using a wood-burner to go over the drawing and make it permanent!


The first step is to draw your picture or write your message on the plain wood box. Once you or your child has finished drawing on the box with a pencil, plug in the woodburner (I selected the fine point tip for this project) and let it heat up. This doesn't take very long, and the woodburner should have instructions on the package.

It is important that only adults or teens use the woodburning tool because it gets very hot!

Now you can begin burning the design on the box! I love this part. The burning wood smells like a campfire and my nephew wanted to bust out the marshmallows! When you have completed your design, you are ready to move on to the next step.


The final step is to stain and varnish your box, using the instructions on the package. I chose a duo of eco-friendly products called "Soy Stain" and "Soy Varnish." The stain was a cedar color, and the varnish was clear. 

I applied the stain first with a foam brush, let it dry for 6 hours, and then applied the varnish, or clear coat.


I love the finished look of this box, and think that this keepsake is one of the best gift ideas that I have ever had! I am so proud that my nephew helped me create this special box for his Dad. 

Let me know if you create one of my projects by leaving a comment or tagging me in a photo on facebook.


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