Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kid Craft: Marshmallow Shapes

Have you ever learned a craft that a kid taught you? My nephew recently showed me a fun activity that he did at school. Now that it is summer time and he is out of school, he is looking for ways to stay entertained.


I think this marshmallow craft is simple and fun, and the opportunities of things to build are endless!

All you need are:
Mini Marshmallows


Start by sticking a toothpick into a marshmallow.


Then insert another toothpick to create an upside down V.


Add marshmallows on the 2 pointy ends (corners) and then add the last toothpick to create a triangle.


Continue to build the triangles beside each other and then join the ends to create a crown.


Who doesn't want to be Queen for a Day?


 Keep making all kinds of shapes to continue the fun! 



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Christine said...

Not realaded to the post BUT- I got home tonight and told my sis I went to a bloggers meet up and she asked me if Craft E Magee was there and and I meet you. I said yes how do you know her. She LOVES LOVES LOVES your blog. She uses it all the time for work. She worked as an activity coordinator at the Masonic Home of Louisville and your crafts are perfect for her clients. She said to tell you You Rock.