Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding Craft: Two Simple Centerpieces

Summer wedding season is in full swing. If you are looking for some simple centerpieces to make for your upcoming nuptials, look no further! By using mason jars, a very popular choice for wedding decor these days, you can make 2 fabulous centerpieces.

The first centerpiece is a glam, gold-painted mason jar. This craft is simple to make and good for the bride on a budget!


For this vase, you will need:
Gold glass paint (opaque)
Liquid paint medium (to loosen the thick glass paint)
Empty mason jar
If the gold paint is thick, like glass paint, add some liquid medium to loosen it up. Squirt the paint into the glass jar.

Spin the jar around to coat the glass with the gold paint. 

Turn the jar over to empty out the excess paint.

Let jar dry according to instructions on the paint.

For the ceremony, add flowers or accessories to your jars and use as centerpieces. You can also add the table numbers into the jars so that guests can easily find their seats.

The second centerpiece is even easier to make, but just as cute. It could easily be customized to the different colors of your wedding!

All you need for this centerpiece is:
Mason jar
Clear (or any color) marbles
Green (or other color) raffia 
Floating candle


The first step is to add the marbles to the mason jar. For a beach theme, shells or sea glass would be adorable. You could also use large stones or pebbles. I do like the marbles because they reflect the candle light.
Fill the jar a little over halfway with water.

Let the water settle in the jar.

Tie a few pieces of raffia around the top of the jar.


Add the floating candle and light the candle. Now you have created a simple and elegant centerpiece for your table!


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