Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ghost Garland

I've been pushing myself to more craft tutorials on the blog, so here's another project for Craftoween! I hope that you are not tired of them yet!

As a kid I loved taking suckers, wrapping them in a tissue, tying them with a bow, and drawing faces on them with marker to turn them into ghostie pops. As a grown up, I thought I could create something to remind me of that, without buying a bunch of suckers to eat by myself! Hence the Ghost Garland! 

For this project you will need:
9 squares of white cotton fabric (they don't need to be perfectly cut)
black string
9 medium sized white pom pom balls
30 small orange pom pom balls
glue (optional)

The first step is to take each square of fabric and wrap them around the white pom pom balls. Secure underneath with a black string tied into a bow.

Once the bow is tied,  you can add a droplet of glue onto the bow and allow to dry. This is an optional step, but it keeps the bow tied and the ghost secured.

Next, thread a needle with the black string and push the needle through the stiff center of 3 orange pom pom balls.

After stringing on 3 pom poms, string a ghost on the needle on the back of its head.

Next string 3 more orange pom poms. 

Sew on another ghost and repeat until all 9 ghosts and 30 orange pom pom balls are on the string.

That's all it takes to make this easy and cute ghost garland decoration! You could add faces to the ghosts if you want, but I think I like the simplicity of the anonymous ghosts. I hope that you have been enjoying my Craftoween series! Check back for more, and as always, leave me a comment with a link to your own projects.

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