Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spooky Styrofoam Spider!

Here's a craft that is sure to make you shiver! It's a spooky styrofoam spider! My nephew and I worked on this craft together for Halloween. You only need a few simple materials for this project. 

The supplies:
1 small styrofoam ball
Black paint
Sponge paintbrush
Googly eyes
Memory thread (basically fabric covered wire)

First paint the entire styrofoam ball black using the acrylic paint. Let this dry.

Once the styrofoam ball is completely dry, thread the memory thread with a large needle and push it through the styrofoam ball. Just by wiggling the needle, you can make the hole big enough to pull the thread through.

Once you have pushed the thread through one side, pull a lot of the thread out and go back through to the other side. Repeat until there are 2 loops on the right side of the spider body and 1 loop and 2 end pieces on the left side of the body.

Remove the needle and snip open the loops so that the spider has 8 legs (4 on each side of the body).

Glue googly eyes to the spider, and put some glue dots on the foam ball where the legs are sticking out. Let this dry, and your legs will be secure in the spider body and won't fall out.

Once all the glue is dry, you can bend the memory thread so that the legs look more like spider legs! The thread is fabric covered wire, so it holds it shape.

You can make a bunch of spooky styrofoam spiders to celebrate Halloween! They would make great table decorations or "tricks" for treat bags!

 I'm lucky to have such a photogenic actor around to help me with photos of my craft! Enjoy making your own spooky spiders with the little goblins in your life. Happy Craftoween!

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