Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Monster Door Decoration

Do you remember the song "Monster Mash?" It's one of my favorite Halloween songs, and it's what I think of when I look at this door decoration. I have been wanting to make this craft ever since I first saw it by Callakat on Craftster years ago! My only problem was finding just the right furry fabric to use.

Well, this weekend I finally found the fabric that I wanted to use! I thought my Monster wreath would look great with black fabric and yellow eyes. Just a quick disclaimer, the fabric that I used is extremely messy, and I actually sewed my wreath instead of gluing it like Callakat on Craftster did with her wreath.

Here is what you will need for this project:
Ping pong balls (12)
Paint pens or permanent markers for the "eyeballs"
Fun fur (1/2 yard or so)
Hot glue
Plastic bags (for stuffing!)
Needle and thread or Sewing Machine (optional)
Ribbon to hang the wreath

The first thing you need to do is paint the yellow circles onto the ping pong balls. Once the paint is dry, paint (or use permanent marker to make) circles in the center of the eyeballs.

Next cut 2 round circles of fur fabric for the wreath. The size of the circles should be in proportion to your front door, but a good guide would be a little bigger than the round cardboard form from a frozen pizza package.

Cut the centers out of both pieces of fabric (making sure these holes line up).

Because my fur fabric was extremely messy and shed everywhere, I sewed around the edges before adding the eyeballs. Do whatever is easier for you. With the 2 pieces of fabric facing each other, sew around the edges and leave the center open. Use your scissors to cut 3 inch slits before gluing each eyeball facing down.

After you finish making all 12 slits and gluing all the eyeballs securely, you can turn the fabric right side out from the center hole. Now your wreath is ready to be stuffed!  

You can use any kind of stuffing you have on hand, but a great way to recycle with this project is to stuff the wreath with plastic grocery bags! Once the wreath is nice and plump, sewing around the center circle, closing the opening between the 2 pieces of fabric. Use thread or ribbon to create a loop on the back for hanging.

Last of all, hang your wreath on the door. Now you're all set for season and ready to welcome Trick or Treaters! 

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