Sunday, October 27, 2013

Needle Felted Pumpkin Scarf

It's gotten pretty cold around here this October. Halloween week will definitely be scarf weather! Because of that, I decided to make this needle felted pumpkin scarf. I used the same fleece as my last minute scarf, this time in black. Although wool is usually needle felted to other wool products, I found that it worked pretty well with the fleece too.

To make this needle felted scarf you will need:
Black fleece or felt cut to the length you desire (this is the base)
Orange wool roving
Green wool roving
A needle felting tool
Foam or brush base for needle felting

Place the fabric over the foam/brush pad for needle felting. Take a strip of the orange wool roving and coil it into the pumpkin shape.

Using the needle felting tool (multiple barbed needles), begin to poke on the orange wool, pushing it into the scarf.

Continue to "felt" the orange wool with the needle tool.

When you are finished with a nice round, flat pumpkin, you can add some green wool roving for the stem.

Using the needle tool, poke the green wool multiple times.

Continue until the stem is to your liking.

Repeat on the other end of the scarf by making the same pumpkin design. Once you have completed that, the scarf is finished!

You can trim away loose fibers with scissors and tidy up with a sticky lint roller. I hope you enjoy this fun needle felting project for Craftoween!

Got any good homemade Halloween costume ideas?

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