Monday, October 21, 2013

Wall Witch

This weekend I decided to use some fun ribbon and supplies from my craft stash to make this wall witch decoration. It's a lot of fun for not a lot of work! All you need for this project is a length of ribbon, black felt, a piece of foam, and black tulle.

First, cut 4 pieces for the shoes out of black felt. I made them a witchy boot shape!

Cut the length of ribbon into 2 pieces. Sandwich the boots on the ribbons and sew around the boots to keep them together. These will become the witch legs.


Sew the tops of the legs onto the foam rectangle. This is the base for the witch's skirt. 

Fold the tulle over the foam piece like so.

Sew the tulle fabric across the top of the foam to make a fluffy skirt.

You can also attach a spooky spider to the skirt. I added another piece of tulle on top after this step to hide the stitching on the rest of the skirt.

Using a lavender colored thread, I created some stitches on the boots to look like laces.

The final touch was to add a bow to the front of the skirt and a piece of thread on the back to hang it up. I hope that you think this decoration is bewitching! (Or if you don't like puns... that you think it is cute!) 

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