Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Minute Gift: Fleece Scarf


Last-minute gifts can be stressful, but not these fleece scarves! They are simple and sure to please any recipient! All you need is some fleece fabric and scissors for fringed scarves, or fleece, scissors, and thread and needle for scarves with pockets.

For the fringed scarf:
Cut out a long rectangle from your fleece fabric (Fleece can be found in numerous patterns or solid colors at local craft stores).
The scarf I made is 76 inches long (I measured this based on my desired length) and 9 inches wide.
After you have the scarf size you want, simply make vertical cuts every few inches to add fringe.

Holly the doll is a fan of this hounds-tooth fleece fringe scarf.

The other option aside from the fringe scarf is the pocket scarf (pictured at right below).
IMG_2323a IMG_2346a

To make the pocket scarf, repeat the above steps minus cutting the vertical fringe pieces.

Take a coordinating piece of fleece fabric (like this solid black) and cut two pockets. My pockets measured 6.75 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide. Again this was based on my personal hand size.

Pin these squares about 5 inches from the bottom of each end of the scarf, and sew along the bottom and right and left sides, leaving an opening on the top for your hands.

I can actually fit my whole hand in each pocket (although with my thumbs out in the picture it looks deceptively small).

These pockets are perfect to keep your hands safe from the cold and chill as you walk outside this Winter. The fleece is super warm and so versatile, which is an ideal quality for these scarves.

I'd love to see yours if you make them. Comment here or post a photo to my facebook page!

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