Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Things

kokeshi by E. Magee
kokeshi, a photo by E. Magee on Flickr.

Just for fun, here are 12 happy things from the first week of 2012!

1. Doll inspiration (see above).
2. Voicemails from my 4 year old nephew.
3. Craft store gift cards.
4. Christmas clearance items.
5. Reading a good book ("Sense and Sensibility").
6. Writing Christmas thank you letters.
7. Crafting with friends.
8. The first real dusting of Winter snow.
9. Glitter nail polish.
10. Going to see the new Colin Firth/Gary Oldman movie with J ("Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy").
11. Visiting my brother and his girlfriend in their new home!
12. J and I celebrating the end of our 4th year together and the beginning of the 5th!

My new year's resolution: Getting organized!

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