Monday, July 14, 2014

In Loving Memory

This is definitely the hardest blog post that I have ever had to write. I am deeply saddened to share that recently we lost my boyfriend's mother and my grandfather.

Just four days after my last post, my boyfriend's mother had a stroke unexpectedly and died two days later. She was only 52 years old. Although we did not have a funeral, we had a lovely memorial service. I only hope that it brought J some closure. The loss of his mother has been very hard on both of us, but I am so grateful that we have each other. We try to take each day one at a time to work through our grief.

Just one month after the loss of my boyfriend's mother, we suffered the loss of my Grandfather. He was diagnosed with cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) in April and died in June. It was extremely fast, and very difficult to endure. His death was a major blow for our family. Even though we were trying to prepare ourselves from the time he was diagnosed, it all went way too quickly.

I volunteered to give the eulogy for my Grandfather. It was difficult for me to write and to read, but it also made me feel good to be able to express my feelings during his funeral service. The hardest part of losing both DeAnna and my Grandpa is the loss of a future with them. If we ever get married, or have children, they will not get to be a part of that, and that is overwhelmingly sad.

Losing these special people from our lives is the reason for my absence from this blog as of late. DeAnna and Grandpa were both supportive of Craft E Magee, and I know that they would want me to be strong and continue to blog and craft because it makes me happy. I only hope that I can continue to make them proud.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Simple and Sweet Treat Bags

At the Mother's Day brunch we had recently, I made simple goody bags for guests using just tissue paper and cellophane bags. These are the easiest goody bags to make, and are easily customized for any party theme!

All you need is some tissue paper that matches your color or pattern party theme, clear cellophane bags, and string or twist ties.

Fold the goody bag items in the middle of the tissue paper leaving the top part open. It is easiest to follow the folds already creased into the tissue paper.

Next place the folded tissue paper with treats into the cellophane bag (open end up). Close the top of the goody bag with a twist tie, string, or yarn. Finish with a nice bow and you are all set!

Whether it's for a kid's birthday party, a Holiday, or special occasion, these simple bags are perfect for guests. These goody bags can be filled with candy and stickers for kids, or stocked with fun items for adults, like the shaving lotion and shampoo that I included here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring weather

I always enjoy the Spring weather around this time of year, but I am especially enjoying it right now after the incredibly long and cold winter we have had. Spring is the best time to enjoy the flowers and greenery in the neighborhood. 

I'm also glad that my Mom has gotten so much use out of the butterfly garden stake that I made for her last year during an event hosted by D.I.Y. Louisville. The colors of the beads match the flowers perfectly!

Summer will be here soon, so we have to enjoy Spring while it lasts! What is your favorite Spring activity?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Celebrating Mom

Last Sunday my sister-in-law and I hosted a brunch to celebrate Mom... well, four Moms to be exact. I focused on decorating with lots of flowers while my sister-in-law made some very tasty breakfast treats. There was hashbrown casserole, fruit salad, coffee cake, and an egg bake.

As a fun bonus, I made up treat bags for all the guests. The guys got pouches with chocolate kisses, while the ladies got goody bags with some nice lotion inside. The goody bags had tags with the guests' names on them, so they doubled as seating cards.

I also recycled some cardboard from one of our moving boxes to make this easy Mother's Day sign. After cutting out a ribbon shape from the cardboard, I decorated the sign with some white paint and fake daisy flowers.

My mom is my best friend, so it was great to take the day to celebrate her! Overall it was a relaxed brunch for our family, which is the perfect kind of get-together. There was the added bonus that the moms in the bunch didn't lift a finger! I hope they enjoyed the off time for once.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Last Minute Gift for Mother's Day

This weekend we celebrate the special ladies in our lives: our Moms! If you are looking for a last-minute gift for Mother's Day, look no further. I have just the thing to make your mom smile, a tote bag filled with fun things just for her!

I found this adorable straw tote bag this week at Target for only $3 (near the Dollar Spot). It will make the perfect package for my mom, an avid reader. I have included some nail polish, sunglasses ($1 at Target!), hand lotion, and a good book.

For the Reader you could also include magazines or bookmarks. Bonus points if the bookmark features a picture of you and your mom together!

Maybe your mother isn't into reading. That's okay! You could easily swap the items in the tote bag to personalize this gift for your mom. See more ideas below.

the Sun Goddess
Beach towel
Flip flops
Lip balm

the Writer
Coffee Mug

the Artist
Sketch pad
Colored pencils
Pencil sharpener
Head Band

the Fashionista
Bold necklace
Lip gloss
Nail polish
Fashion magazine

the Chef
Grocery list notepad
Hair barrettes/Hair bands

the Athlete
Nice Water Bottle
Step counter
Hand towel
MP3 player

The possibilities are endless! Mix and match items to make the perfect bag for your mother, partner, aunt, grandma, or any of the other special ladies in your life. She will love it. Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

San Antonio

Well hello, there! I inadvertently took a little break from posting to this blog. Recently we moved and between packing, unpacking, and getting situated, things have been hectic.

I also just got back from a trip to San Antonio to visit my best friend and attend her wedding as her maid of honor. I had never been to Texas and it was definitely a fun time! There was so much to see that I didn't get to it all.

My favorite places pictured below were The Alamo, the most famous landmark in San Antonio, and El Mercado, which is the largest Mexican market in the United States. Outside is the Market Square with food and drink, and inside are numerous goods from Mexico available for purchase. I was able to find a beautiful serape shawl there that I hung in our new kitchen.

My travels made for some great photographs, but I can't wait to go back and visit my friend again! Have you ever been to San Antonio? What are your favorite places to visit? I know I'm dreaming about the chorizo breakfast tacos right now... impossible to find those in Kentucky!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Scalloped Spring Buckets

The weather may not agree, but in my mind it is time for Spring! Bring a little cheer to your desk or home with these easy painted buckets. Use alternating colors for the scalloped design. This craft is also kid-friendly!

For this project you will need:
Papier mâché bucket
Bright colored acrylic paint (like pink, yellow, or blue) and white acrylic paint
Round foam brush
Rectangle foam brush
Paper plate

Mix your paint color with a few drops of white paint to make a lighter color for the base of the bucket. A paper plate makes a good mixing palette. Paint the outside of the bucket and the handle with this lighter paint color.

After the initial coat of paint dries, touch up any necessary spots.

Allow the bucket to dry again. Then use your darker paint color to create the scalloped edge. To do this, use a round foam brush and blot polka dots next to each other around the top of the bucket. Fill in any gaps with the paint and also paint the inside of the bucket this color.

Allow the bucket to dry and then add some fun candy or colorful flowers inside. I made some cute flowers out of pipe cleaners to go inside the buckets. I was thinking of lavender and daffodils!

I hope that you enjoy this easy Spring craft. It also works for Easter!