Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Going to kindergarten

I have had a hectic summer that has kept me away from blogging, but I am sad to see summer go, for many reasons, but mostly because I am losing a pal!

My little nephew C is growing up. He turned 5 this summer and starts kindergarten tomorrow! We have had an amazing journey since he was born, and although I know we will continue to have fun, it is not without some sadness that we mark this new chapter. Gone will be the workday visits at lunch. Gone are college days when we went to museums and parks and stores and movies after class. I am reluctant to relegate C time to weekends only. I am sure this change is harder for me than it is for him!

Today we decided to have a "last hoorah" and he got his choice of places to visit. He picked the historic home Locust Grove that used to belong to the Clark-Croghan family. It was a very adult choice! It surprised me, but we had plenty of fun!

IMG_1288 IMG_1181 IMG_1188 IMG_1216 IMG_1202 IMG_1305 IMG_1284 IMG_1280
Have fun in kindergarten, C! Fill that big brain with lots of knowledge! At least now I may be able to get my blog on more, since I won't have my playmate on weekdays anymore! Love, Aunt Liz


~julee~ said...

If you ever need a lunch date fix, call me! ;)

Elizabeth Magee said...

Thanks, Julee. I will!