Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Costumes for less than $30

This year, the Magee family decided to dress up as characters from the board game Clue! Our group costume was pulled together with a few cheap and easy accessories. Here is a rundown for you!

Mrs. Peacock
The wealthy widow of the group, Mrs. Peacock needs shades of blue and purple to pull off her look.
Shirt: $17.99, Target
Pants: Already owned
Eyelashes: $4.00, Target
Earrings & Headband: Already owned
Polish: $7.04, Target
Total: $29.03

Professor Plum
The intellectual of the group, Professor Plum needs a scholarly look.
Glasses (fake): $5.00, Target
Purple tie: $19.99, Target
Black button-up shirt and slacks(not pictured): Already owned
Total: $24.99

Ms. White
The maid from the manor, Ms. White should play the part.
Duster: $9.99, Target
Lace gloves: $5.99, Target
White flower hair clip: $3.00, Walgreens
Apron (not pictured): Borrowed
White shirt and black pants(not pictured): Already owned
Total: $18.98

Mr. Green
The petty thief of the group, Mr. Green likes anything the color of money.
Green Polo shirt: $14.99, Target
Hat: Already owned (a newsboy cap would've been a good choice, too!)
Slacks: Already owned
Total: $14.99

Ms. Scarlet & Colonel Mustard
The fair maiden dresses to match her name, and the old Colonel does the same.
Ms. Scarlet
Red gloves: $5.99, Target
Red bow headband: $5.00, Target
Dress & Shrug: Already owned
Red lipstick: $7.99
Total: $18.98

Colonel Mustard
White button up shirt and slacks: Already owned
Mustard tie: $19.99, Target
Beard & Mustache: Already owned
Hint: A monocle or a pipe would've been excellent accessories, but we couldn't find any on short notice!
Total: $19.99

Weapons: Free! Thanks to J's artistry, we carried around water-colored weapons made from cardboard.

So, in the game of Clue, whodunnit?
Professor Plum with the revolver? Mrs. Peacock with the rope? Mr. Green with the lead pipe? Ms. White with the candlestick? Ms. Scarlet with the knife? Or Colonel Mustard with the wrench?

We may never know, but it was fun to play the part!


Happy Halloween!