Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cookie Cutter Stamped Stationary

I am a big fan of the handwritten note. I love sending cards in the mail, and I love to get them too! In the digital age, wouldn't it be nice to slow down and make some handmade stationary? This project is simple to make.

All you need is:
Cookie Cutters
Cardstock Paper
Paper cutter (or scissors & ruler)
Round corner punch (optional)

Cut a piece of cardstock paper to note card size (4.25 x 5.5 inches). Punch the corner edges to round them (optional) or use the card as is. Pour some acrylic paint onto a paper plate. Press the cookie cutter (we used the shape of the state of Kentucky) into the paint and then "stamp" the notecard. Use a straight edge to stamp in an alternating color paint and make lines on the notecard to have straight edges to write on.

You can also stamp the lines and cookie cutter shape in the same color to make a nice notecard. Make a set of matching cards and they can serve as recipe cards!

Another fun idea is to make art! Drag some acrylic paint over thick paper with a piece of cardstock.

Stamp a cookie cutter shape (like this elephant) over the painted background.

You are left with a cool effect on the paper.

Let it dry and put it in a frame, and you have a nice piece of artwork!

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~julee~ said...

Love this! Also love the KY cookie cutter. :)