Monday, February 10, 2014

Easy D.I.Y. Valentines

February is the kind of month that flies by, but don't get caught without a Valentine's Day card for your sweeties. Hint: It's this Friday, February 14!

These valentines are easy to make and fun to give. All you need are Valentine Holiday themed papers or stickers, blank cards, and some Mod Podge brand Dimensional Magic. The Dimensional Magic product goes on like paint or glue, and dries clear to make a 3-D seal.   

I thought it would be easiest to use Valentine's Day stickers on a blank card.

Next, uncap the Dimensional Magic and add small or large 3-D elements to your card. For this Be Mine card, I filled in the entire shape with the glue.

Once the clear glue dries over your card, it will look 3-Dimensional.

For this whale sticker card, I only filled in the heart shape and eyeball, adding some fun silliness to the card.

 The best part of this glue is that you can also use it for your collage projects. Use Valentine's Day themed scrapbook paper and letter stickers to collage on a block of wood, then highlight some of the hearts with the Dimensional Magic! This takes 3-D cards to a whole new level and is sure to be a special gift for your sweetheart.

You can find more Valentine craft projects on my blog here. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day week!

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