Thursday, October 4, 2018

What's up, witches?

It wasn't the best lighting situation when I snapped these photos on a rainy day recently, but I had to share my latest witchy creations, Agatha and Kitty! These poor dollies had to wait a long time before they got their hair and hats. I tried something new for Agatha (the witch with the orange hat), creating her hair by sewing a knitted rectangle of purple yarn to her head. I like the way she turned out! Both dolls stand around 16 inches tall from hat to toes. 



Well, I was going to link to the posts of my other witch dolls creations from over the years, but it seems I've never posted any of the other witch dolls that I've made besides Winnie! I will just just go ahead and upload past Halloween dolls I've made here, too.




Luna, Esmerelda, and Erwina

I hope you find these dolls as BOO-tiful as I do! Happy Craftoween!

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