Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kentucky Derby Craft: Pegasus Parade Float

One of my favorite events during the Kentucky Derby Festival is the Pegasus Parade. As a school kid, we used to make parade floats out of shoe boxes in art class during Derby week. That is what I am going to show you today!


For this craft, you will need:
a shoe box
miniature horses or toys
mini fake flowers
ribbon trim (like the fleur de lis)
duck tape (I used green and red)


You can make your float with any Derby festival theme, like the steamboat race, hot air balloons, a pegasus or winged horse, etc. 

I chose to do racehorses with a track and winner's circle.

First, use the duck tape to cover up the shoe box.

Next, cut the green felt to fit the top of the shoe box, and cut the brown felt in the shape of a race track.


Using glue, secure the track to the green "grass" or felt rectangle, and glue that all down to the top of the shoe box.

Hot glue the fleur de lis trim around the edge of the shoe box. I also cut some of the fleur de lis shapes apart and glued them to the front of the float.


Next, glue the flowers to the horse to create a garland of roses like the winning horse would receive at Churchill Downs (They don't call the KY Derby the "Run for the Roses" for nothing).

Then glue the horse inside the track and glue the other plastic horses around the float. 


You now have a parade float ready for the Pegasus Parade! This is a fun craft for any kid to do to celebrate Derby week!


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