Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Road Trip: Chicago

Over the long weekend I took a road trip to Chicago with J. It's funny, because almost 1 year ago exactly, I took a road trip to Chicago with my friends from DIY Louisville to attend the 2012 Renegade Chicago craft fair. Chicago is definitely a fun place to visit.


Even though it rained a lot on this trip (and Chicago lived up to it's nickname as the Windy City), J and I were able to walk around and see some things including the Field Museum and the different parks around the lakefront. We also treated ourselves to some tasty foods like tacos, deep-dish pizza, and Chicago style hot dogs! You can't really go wrong when being a tourist. 

IMG_0490 IMG_0513

The main reason for our trip was actually to see the Oddball Comedy Festival in Tinley Park. J and I both love Flight of the Conchords and Dave Chappelle, so being able to see them in person at the same time was amazing! I think we were in agreement that Dave Chappelle was the best performer of the night, although Al Madrigal, Jeffrey Ross, and the others were funny too. We had a great time!


Even through the stormy weather, I was able to capture some cool pictures, including this Gotham City looking skyline. That is one of the reasons I love to travel--being able to capture some amazing photographs. I'm lucky that I am always able to find a willing travel partner! Plus, it's so great to have that 3 day weekend break from work! I'm curious how you spent your Labor Day weekend? Leave me a comment about your favorite long weekend activities.

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