Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Frankenstein Craft

I'm getting ready for Halloween with some fun craft projects, also know as Craftoween! I will be sharing the projects on the blog in the next few weeks. The first craft is what I like to call the Frankenbox!

This would make a cute treat box for the kiddos for Halloween or a fun decoration for around the house. Plus it's really easy to make!

For this craft you will need:
a plain cardboard box
black, green, and gray acrylic paints
a paintbrush
2 wooden axle pegs (can be bought at the craft store)

Using a sharp object, like the edge of scissors, or a knife, poke a hole on each side of the box, making sure that they line up. 

Insert the 2 axle pegs into the holes that you created, but not all the way. Paint the pegs gray and allow to dry, then push them further inside the box. These are the "screws" in Frank's neck!

Remove the lid from the cardboard box and set aside. Paint the rest of the box green. I used a bright lime color. Allow to dry.

Paint the top of the box black and allow to dry. This is the hair on top of Frank's head!

All that's left now is to add Frankenstein's face! You can use a black paint pen or a sharpie to draw the face on the box. I also added some stitches on Frank's forehead.

 I hope that you enjoyed this Frankenstein craft project for Halloween. Make these for your Halloween party, to decorate your home, or to give away as a gift to the ghouls and goblins in your life. Happy Craftoween!

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~julee~ said...

I love it, so cute!