Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fun Confetti Gift Tags

One of the things I think about when wrapping presents for Holidays and birthdays is what the package will look like. The outer wrapping is the first thing people see, and it can add excitement to the gift giving (and getting) experience. I wanted to come up with a fun and simple way to add some interest to a package and created these fun confetti filled gift tags. They are so easy to make!

For this project you will need:
-1 Circle punch
-1 blank card
-1 vellum/plastic bag
-Confetti (I used sequins)

The first step is to punch a circle out of the top part of the card. Next, cut a small vellum or plastic bag to fit the height of the inside of the card.

Tape one end of the small baggie to the inside of the card. Fill the other end with sequins, glitter, or confetti. Next tape the bottom of the baggie to close the opening. Tape the sides to secure the bag to the inside of the card.

Using a glue stick, coat the entire inside of the card with glue (except for the part with glitter). Press the card shut and hold. When this dries, it will become a flat gift tag. The last step is to decorate it with stickers or a marker.

The idea is that the circular window is a pretty glass ornament filled with sparkles. I used a marker to draw a bow and the top of the "ornament" on the tag. See how easy that was? I hope you enjoy this project and will consider adding these fun confetti gift tags to your Holiday gifts to make them extra special.

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