Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Get organized for the New Year!

Happy New Year! There is a whole new year ahead of us, and it's a rare opportunity to start fresh! I'm not big on resolutions myself, but I do enjoy getting organized. My first craft project of 2014 was to create this D.I.Y. "by the door" organizer. 

This project is really simple and you get to use power tools! 

For this project you will need:
1 wood plaque from the craft store (or scrap wood you have on hand)
3 metal hooks
A length of elastic
All-purpose or wood glue
Power Drill with both 1 large and 1 small drill bit
Wood block pocket (or 4 pieces of wood to create pencil cup)
1 Sawtooth picture hook (optional: attach to back to hang on the wall)

The first step is to use a pencil to mark the spots for two screw holes near the top corners of the wooden board. Using a large drill bit, drill the two holes all the way through the board.

Take the length of elastic through the two holes on the wooden board, pulling the elastic until taut, and tie a knot in the back. Trim the edges of the elastic with scissors.

Make a pencil or mail cup on the organizer with a wooden block pocket (easy to make with 4 scrap pieces of wood, glued together, or find one in the wood section of the craft store as a base for a wood block calendar).

Use a pencil to mark the place for the wood cup on the organizer. Using wood or all-purpose white glue, attach the pencil cup to the organizer. Let dry.

As the pencil cup is drying, you can use a ruler to mark three spots for hooks on the left side of the organizer.

Use the small drill bit to start the three holes for the hooks. Do not go through the board, just enough to start the holes to make twisting the hooks in by hand easy.

Because of the starter holes, the hooks twist into the wood easily, and make the perfect spot for keys on your "by the door" organizer!

After the pencil cup has dried overnight and is fully attached, your "by the door" organizer is ready to use! Add pens, pencils, or a notepad in the cup. The elastic can hold sunglasses, mail, or important paperwork. The hooks can hold keys, scarves, or anything you need handy. This D.I.Y. organizer will help you keep all the important stuff in one place, and make it easy to get out the door without forgetting something!

I like the unfinished look of the wood on this D.I.Y. organizer, but you could just as easily paint it, add a monogram, add fabric, or decoupage it. Decorate it, make it unique, make it you! I hope that you enjoyed this easy to make project that can help you get organized for the New Year.

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