Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 Photo Challenge


When I was looking back through the blog for ideas for my 2012 recap, I kept thinking, so much happened throughout the year, so why don't I have any photos to show for it?! Since my blog bio even states that I am an "aspiring photographer" I think that I should really be taking more photos... and sharing them, too. At the end of every year I usually remember all of the big things that happened, but I want to remember the little things that make up daily life too.

To do this, I have decided to begin a 365 Photo Project. In 2013, I am going to try to post a different photo every day. That's 365 photos! It is my hope that this project will add more creativity to my daily life, help me post to the blog more, allow me to experiment with my camera and photography, and then maybe I'll end up with some really cool photos, too!

I started a little late in the day, so this lighting isn't ideal, but I figured that I should start with a self-portrait. There are no rules to my photo project, so expect the compilation to be random!

Have you ever done a photo project? I'd love to get some ideas. Feel free to leave me feedback about what you think of my photos or if you have any special requests!

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