Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crayon Heart Valentines

Crayon Hearts

This craft is a fun idea for Valentine's Day! Have your favorite little ones help make these simple and colorful crayons shaped as hearts. All you need is a silicon baking tray with heart-shaped molds, crayons (new or old), and an oven. Using the oven you will melt the crayons in the molds to create heart shapes!


First, you will need to remove the paper wrappers from the crayons. An easy trick to do this is to submerge the crayons in hot water. The wrappers start to lift off of the crayons in only a few seconds in a bowl of hot water.


After you peel off the wrappers, dry the crayons on a paper towel. After the crayons are dry, break them into pieces and arrange them in the silicon mold cups. I like to keep like-colors together and then throw one random color in, like pink shades of crayons with one white, or purple shades with one yellow. You can make any combination you like!


Next put the silicon mold on top of a baking pan before placing it in the oven at 230 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. After the crayons are melted, remove the baking pan from the oven. Be careful of the hot wax liquid! Place the pan on a level surface and allow the crayons to cool. They cool pretty quickly, but I let them sit for about an hour before touching them.

When the crayons look solid, simply peel the silicon away and pop the heart crayons out of the mold.

Any size silicon molds will do. I made large and small crayons in all sorts of colors!


Pair the heart shaped crayons with these free printable Valentines, and they make a great present. The best part about these crayon heart Valentines is that they are a cheap, and healthy alternative to candy! They last longer than candy too!


Enjoy this craft with the kiddos and have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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