Wednesday, January 23, 2013

D.I.Y. Valentine Treat Bags


You only need a few supplies to make these quick and easy treat bags for Valentine's Day. After you've printed the free printable Valentine cards and created these heart shaped crayons, assembling treat bags for your little ones is a snap.

You will need:
Small piece of scrapbook paper
Clear plastic/vellum bag (or recycled card protector)
Printable Valentines
Heart Crayons


Cut the Valentines in quarters. Fill in the "To" and "From" section of the card. Place one card and one or two crayons inside your clear plastic treat bag. You can see that I recycled a clear card protector for my treat bag. 


Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to size for your treat bag, with enough to fold over the top (or opening).


Staple each side of the paper topper to the bag to hold it in place.


Now you have a cute goody bag to give to someone special on Valentine's Day! Have fun and share the love!


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~julee~ said...

So cute! My daughter loves these and asked to give them to her class this year. :)